John de Garis photographer

Welcome to the creative personal and commercial imagery of John de Garis

Based in the British Channel Island of Guernsey, John’s photography career spans four decades and has left him still passionate about chasing the perfect image…

Commercial studio & location

I started my professional photographic journey working for ad agencies with Sinar 5×4″ cameras and transparency film, so there are not many challenges I can’t meet with the combination of digital experience, industry leading Profoto and Nikon lighting, post-processing and my years of experience.
Here’s a flyer printout and a few images for viewing:

Portraiture for family

Years of experience photographing life makes me the choice for recording your family journey, whether key stages or events, or simply some fun dressing up for the camera.
Beautifully lit and captured photographs will always beat phonecam selfies and video!

Gifting a photoshoot.

Editorial & PR

With years of experience photographing people, places and events, I make compelling images in the shortest of time, ensuring that the brief is met in a creative and exciting way.